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Background Screening

Apr 18 2014
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 The cost of a bad hire is more than loss of money.  You must also factor in wasted time, training, and company collateral.  That makes the hiring process almost as important as the hiring decision itself.

According to Aberdeen Group’s recent report Employee Screening Strategies, notes that companies using employee background screening are 43% more likely to improve hiring manager satisfaction.

Being compliant counts

The level of regulation at the city, state and federal level has increased dramatically in the current economy.  The job environment and level of employment have forced the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and other regulatory bodies to examine fair hiring practices.

The EEOC is taking steps to review practices that would screen candidates out of the selection process, especially in cases when their prior history has no effect or correlation to their potential job performance.  The EEOC has increased their examination of hiring practices exposing employers to a greater risk of discrimination lawsuits.  They are reviewing hiring decisions that automatically exclude candidates with poor credit or arrest records, even if they didn’t result in a conviction.

The use of criminal records is another hot-button issue.  By virtue of legislation, employers need to make decisions on merit and not personal history.  Past work performance often predicts future work performance.

Keeping in compliance is a serious matter in order to avoid legal action.  Legislation can change so quickly that some business owners don’t have the means to stay up to date with what’s going on, therefore putting the company at risk.

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