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At HR Systems, we offer a wide range of services that are customized according to the needs of each client company.  We help companies focus on their core business by freeing management from the daily human resource responsibilities.

Human Resource Support & Consultation

  • Payroll Processing
  • HR Support & Consultation
  • Training
  • Handbook Development
  • Regulatory Guidance
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Record Keeping
  • Workers’ Comp. and Unemployment Admin.
  • Job Descriptions
  • Benefit Administration
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Employee Development
  • Hiring & Discharge Consultation
  • Employee Relations

Human Resource Audits

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Just as many organizations have financial audits performed each year, HR Systems can help your organization review your current employment practices. 

Human Resource policies, procedures and processes need to be evaluated on a regular basis for labor regulatory compliance.  An audit offers the opportunity for concerns to be identified and addressed.  Additionally policies and procedures may need enhancements and upgrades to reduce employer exposure and maintain consistencies within the organization.

To achieve the desired results HR Systems had developed a three step program as outlined below:


This includes a comprehensive process of collecting and gathering information on current human resource policies, procedures and processes.  HR Systems will review filing systems and other applicable documents including employee handbook.  We will spend sufficient time with management and key personnel to review concerns and address areas that are deficient or open to interpretation.


HR Systems will evaluate your current program and identify potential employment law compliance concerns.  We will determine which policies and procedures need enhancements and upgrading to reduce employer exposure.  A needs analysis and a written action plan will be presented to the company. 
To help keep you in compliance and limit potential liability, HR Systems will prioritize items that require immediate attention. 


HR Systems can help you execute a plan for maintaining effective HR policies and administration.  HR Systems can work with key staff members to assist in the implementation that might otherwise get stalled or where the company lacks the resources or expertise.  HR Systems will keep you in compliance with the never ending changes to employment law requirements and limit your exposure to claims. 

Let HR Systems provide you with a snapshot of your business and improve the human resource infrastructure in your organization.  Our analysis will help you to contain cost, create efficiencies, reduce risk and leverage your time spent on Human Resources.  Contact us for more information.